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Photobooth, Flipbooks, and Slow motion booth in San Franciso and Bay Area

Photobooth Rental San Francisco | Google Holiday Corporate Party

If you or your company are in need of a photobooth rental san francisco, you are in luck! We can definitely help you and your corporate event be special thru our flipbooks, photobooth, or slowmotion booth! We would like to show you how our photobooth rental san francisco team of eventsuperheroes rocked with the young brains of google during their corporate event in San Francisco.

When Gatsby Entertainment contacted us about collaborating with them for a private event, we didn’t initially knew that it was the google group. We had two slow motion booths, and one photobooth set up on two sides and the lines we’re non-stop! For about three hours, our photobooth rental san francisco group were dancing and directing at the same time. It was definitely worth the drive and we loved the vibe google had! They were so much fun to work with! The theme was 70s 80s so you will see on our photobooth photos below their fantastic costumes!!!

Google had a great time and so did we!!!

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