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Photobooth, Flipbooks, and Slow motion booth in San Franciso and Bay Area


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Photobooth we offer in San Francisco Bay Area.

Pictures are a great way to keep memories alive. Every moment of one’s life can always be depicted by the picture taken. Somehow, we tend not to be able to keep track of the pictures we take during very joyous moments of our lives. More so, pictures taken when we are much younger seem to be nowhere to be found, or may have gone bad. The moments we love and cherish so much, which must have been saved on pictures taken, will seem to have been lost.

Thankfully, technology has greatly brought about amazing an amazing solution that can help us retain such wonderful moments of our lives. Photobooth is an application that provides a fun way for you or your friends to share memory of very special occasion. It takes series of four separate pictures, which can be black and white or colored. Interestingly, pictures taken from photobooths are printed automatically in 15 seconds and are handed over to the end user.

Photobooths have been popular for quite a while now, especially at malls and arcades. Surprisingly, they have now become a must have item at weddings, parties and other great events. It is a great and fun way to record a special day in one’s life, thereby helping you get the most of your photobooth experience. The best part of using a photobooth at an event is simply because of how simple it is from the beginning to the very end.

You might be wondering why you will have a need of a photobooth for your event. Photobooths will not only spice up the excitement and feel you get out of the event, it will create a memorable gift which your guests can take home. Also, photobooths are easy to have at your events because it takes a great deal of work off your hands while entertaining your guests throughout the whole of your event or party.

To hire a good photobooth anywhere (even online) can be some worth expensive and difficult. San Francisco Photobooth is here to solve all your photobooth needs. We are the best and most sort after Photobooth Company here in San Francisco and beyond. We have the state in art photobooth equipment and we will surely make your photobooth experience an unforgettable one.

Whether you live in San Francisco, San Jose, or anywhere around, we are here to offer you a quality photobooth experience and we can guarantee you a 100% satisfaction. We are here to stay and also to bring your best and amazing moments back to life. Here at San Francisco photobooth, we will turn your amazing moments to a lifelong experience that you will not easily forget. With our state in the art facilities, we will bring life to your pictures.

So visit us today and enjoy a great deal of fun at your party or event center.

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Choose from a variety of   backgrounds to match your wedding colors!

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20151031_210728_157_IMG_3465san jose photobooth rentalLike to see more photos from our photobooth? Check out the client gallery here

I’d like to have superb photobooth prints like this!

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