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San Francisco Photobooth | Halloween Special

We just wanted to share with you our san francisco photobooth halloween special! Yes, you too can have a customized halloween san francisco photobooth for your parties through our photobooth team. I know you are probably used to us being at your weddings and corporate parties, but we also serve private parties.
If you notice, the design of the photo template is customized. We created this template from scratch and thought that it would be a nice idea to offer this template design for free to our clients who will commission our san francisco photobooth team this year for a Halloween party.
 san francisco photobooth
The backdrop choice is also intentionally black and I like this particular backdrop since you can never go wrong with a black backdrop for your photobooth. It has a portrait look to it. Well, the theme is more of a scary vibe so it really is the perfect backdrop.
We also have new props signs for our photobooth! As you see, some of those signs are specific to halloween as well! Scared now?
Thanks again to our san francisco photobooth team for doing all the hard work to create these timeless photobooth photos!

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