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Photobooth, Flipbooks, and Slow motion booth in San Franciso and Bay Area

Slow Motion Booth | Lithium Tech

We recently had the opportunity to rock Lithium Technology’s fun filled company party a couple of weeks ago at Ozumo, San Francisco. They loved the slow motion booth we setup for them and we couldn’t believe how much creative they were!

The process for our slow motion booth was very simple, from initial inquiry up to execution. First, when Amy , our manager who commissioned us  who found us thru our amazing slow motion booth yelp reviews, we explained to her every details and information she needed to find out about how our slow motion booth works. By finding our exactly the details of her corporate event, we were able to offer her a very nice package that would be suitable for her event. We offered different add ons, including this slow motion video you’ll see below. She was immediately hooked and decided that we were a good fit for her corporate event needs.

We love how the edit came out, and this is another thing that separates us from the rest 🙂 We were wedding cinematographers first before we added a slow motion booth to our services and it really helped a lot in making sure that the quality of our videos are up to par. Oh, we gotta tell you this, there are other slow motion booth offering 720p resolutions!!! That is a no no!!!

Tip: When finding a slow motion booth company, please do ensure that you are getting at least 1080p quality at 240 fps!

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